Black Cat

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Often considered symbols of bad luck when they cross your path, black cats get a bad rap. Subtle and mysterious, our black cat model is just the decoration you need to honour your favourite feline friends.

This model comes in pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces.  It is designed to be built by anybody, and only requires some tacky glue, a little patience and time. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

  • No scissors needed.
  • 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable.
Difficulty: ★★★ Normal

Measures HxWxD: 43cm x 14cm x 60 cm

Material:  Fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent) – in other words, it’s strong and has a light sheen!
Shipping:  Expect your delivery within 2 – 5 days.

5 in stock


3 reviews for Black Cat

    Black Cat photo review
    Angela V
    Now we have two black cats 😉
    Black Cat photo review
    Sarah W
    I had great fun making this model (my first but definitely not my last!). I used double sided tape instead of glue and it was really successful with a bit of care. I have a black cat (a real live furry one) and she's intrigued! I keep catching sight of this model out of the corner of my eye and thinking my own cat has jumped up on the mantlepiece. It's already been admired by a couple of visitors. Lovely to make and lovely to look at. Just need to find space for more models...
    Black Cat photo review
    Jane R
    I tried this project on a whim, but have thoroughly enjoyed working on it! It was challenging, but I took my time and finished! I love cats and this one almost looks real!
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