Macaw Parrot

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Recognized by their colorful feathers and sizable beaks, macaws are tropical birds commonly associated with healing and fertility. Welcome the vibrant energy of this multicolored parrot into your home with the display of our 3D paper wall art. Ideal for a kid’s room or creative space, the kirigami decoration mounts on the wall as if perched on a tree branch.

This model comes in pre-cut and pre-creased numbered pieces.  It is designed to be built by anybody, and only requires some tacky glue, a little patience and time. Just follow the instructions and have fun!

  • No scissors needed.
  • 100% recycled materials and fully recyclable.
Difficulty: ★★ Easy
Measures HxWxD: 65cm x 20cm x 6cm
Material:  Fortified 250gsm paperboard (pearlescent) – in other words, it’s strong and has a light sheen!
Shipping:  Expect your delivery within 2 – 5 days.

8 in stock


3 reviews for Macaw Parrot

    Macaw Parrot photo review
    Autumn M
    I absolutely loved this! It was *just* challenging enough and not too insane, although I'd be fine with more challenging too! It looks incredible, much more so than i thought it would. I can't wait to order more!
    Macaw Parrot photo review
    Andy T
    I really love it
    Macaw Parrot photo review
    Sarah T
    My first papercraft model. It was so enjoyable to make! I chose the macaw because of the colors and the easy difficulty level. I ordered more models after this one and they’re just as fun. Now everyone in my house wants one.
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